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Most Ebay sellers do not give their phone number to potential bidders. Buyes feel more secure and confident dealing with a store that has a phone number and in many cases an address. By giving your customers a number you not only build trust but make it easier to interact with them and understand their issues. Our voicemail numbers offer all this and are absolutly confidential and private.

Here's What Voicemail can do for you:
  • Ebay sellers. Give your customers a number to call you. More people use our service on Ebay than any other telecom service. Increase your trust, reputation, feed back score by adding a Phone number to your Auction Increase the potential for repeat sales. People call back a phone number to order again - Try it once and see for yourself
Other Benefits:
  • Completely private, confidential and discrete.
  • Get a private number from us and forward your home or office calls to it.
  • Receive voice messages via email, Great if your out of town or international.
  • Give out a private voicemail number for business or friends and don't miss another message.
  • Looking for a job, apartment or sales leads, give them your Private 212 NY Number.
  • New in town and need a phone number, This may be the solution for you.
  • Don't know who left you a message, Our state of the art systems will give you caller ID.
  • Don't pay any toll if you have no new messages. (Toll Saver)
  • Professionals and Businessmen, communicate with confidence and privacy.
  • Add extensions for a more professional corporate image. Press 1 for sales 2 for service etc.
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Here's What Faxmail can do for you:
  • Get a 212 Private Fax Number, Print it on your Cards and stationary.
  • Disconnect your fax line and save money.
  • Retrieve faxes from anywhere using a fax machine
  • Receive faxes by Email. (No more toll calls to pickup your faxes)
  • Secure and Private, Never lose a fax message again

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