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Here's how it works:
  • Call us at 212-252-2050 or Click Here
  • We will take your name address and number and assign you, Your Own voicemail number.
  • Then call the number, and our system will guide you through a simple setup to record your greeting and setup a pin code. This setup will only come on the first time you call.
  • Once your mailbox is setup, Please call it again and make sure you hear your greeting
  • During your greeting you may press the " * " key on your telephone and then your Pin Code
  • The voicemail will tell you how many messages you have in your box.
  • That's it your setup. You can then use this number just like your own. Callers can leave you a message and you can pickup your messages anytime from anywhere.
  • Please Note Have a pen and paper ready when you call us, as we will give you a 212 Phone Number. After your mail box is setup, Don't forget the *(star key) when you call to pick up your messages.
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