Voicemail Service - Starting $5.95 a month - Faxmail Send & Receive Faxes $5.95 - Postal Mailbox $15.00

Get started today. Voicemail service as low as $5.95 a month, Advanced digital quality combined with prompt service. That's why most of our business comes from referrals like you. With technology State of the Art, Features so Advanced and prices unmatched, you can't go wrong. Great for Business or Private use. Ebay sellers add a number to your auction and improve sales, Wedding Planners use our number for RSVP. Actors user it for work. Singles use it for dating. More businesses use our service than any other. Prices Start at $5.95 a month. 1 Month Free. It's a complete virtual office for less. SignUp Now!
Send faxes by email only 5 cents per page.
Advanced Voicemail
$5.95 a month
Upto 50 messages
w/email alert

Business Voicemail
$6.95 a month
upto 100 messages
w/email delivery

Fax Number
$5.95 a month
Private Number
Send & Receive
Faxes by email

Postal Mail Service
As Low as $15.00
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Get your own U.S. Private Phone Number(Many Metro areas) As low as $5.95 a month. That's only 10 cents a day It's your own phone number with voicemail and much more.... Here's what we give you:
  • A private phone number with voicemail Service
  • Record your own personal greeting (2 min long)
  • Extra message capacity (50 messages)
  • CALLER ID! with every message
  • Email Alert! (Get an email alert with every new message)
  • Date & Time with every message.
  • Toll Saver, Saves you $$
  • 10 Days message storage
  • Great for Ebay sellers. Give your customers a number to call you.
  • Multiple Mailbox also available, press 1 for sales 2 for service,
    Give your business a corporate look. Just $5.95 extra.
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Give Your Voicemail an Upgrade !
Add extentions - Press 1 for sales 2 for service etc. Ask us how

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Send and Receive Faxes. Throw away your fax machine and get rid of that extra fax line and save! Get your own private Fax number for only $5.95 a month. Call us 212-252-2050.
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